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5 tips for staging your home

Updated: Mar 2

Home sellers tend to overlook a significant part of selling a home, which is staging their homes. Staging a home means decorating it to showcase its best assets and impress prospective buyers. This increases the probability of potential buyers deciding to buy your house.

Think of it this way, imagine you’re looking to buy a new property for private use, and you’re visiting many properties. When you’re walking through the properties, you’re imagining yourself living there.

You’re thinking of ways you would use certain rooms, and you’re visualizing yourself spending time there and thinking if it’s a right pick for you.

An important question to ask is:

What helps you decide whether you’re going to purchase the property?

Here are 5 tips for staging your home:

1.   Deep cleaning

Make sure to keep your home as clean as possible since prospective buyers will be looking everywhere in the house. Not having a clean home can negatively affect you in one primary way– it can turn off potential buyers. You don’t want your prospective buyers to only remember your home as a very dirty place.

2.  Remove personal items in your home

You should put away all of your family pictures and anything that could remind the prospective buyer of your family, such as kids paintings on the refrigerator.

The reason is simple– prospective buyers need to imagine themselves living in your home.  It can get much harder for them to do so if they’re constantly reminded that the property is yours.

3.  Put at least one plant in each room

We all want to subconsciously be connected to nature in some way. By adding plants to your home, your prospective buyers will feel more relaxed.

Besides, having plants in your home looks fantastic!

4. Add furniture

Adding furniture is essential when staging your home.

It’s not such a significant psychological trick. It is common sense that it’s harder for prospective buyers to visualize themselves living in a particular property if all rooms are just empty.

By adding furniture, you’re making your property look more attractive for prospective buyers since they can better visualize living in your home.

5.  Every room needs a purpose

It’s important to make clear what every room is suited for. According to RGroup Property Management you should ensure that every room in the house has its purpose, so that prospective buyers know how to maximize the home’s square footage.

Be creative and think outside the box. Turn the attic into a guest room or entertainment room. You get the point.


Although staging your home could seem like a difficult task at first glance, we believe that after reading our article, you now have all the necessary and essential tips to make sure the staging of your home goes right and makes prospective buyers fall in love with your home.

We offer tips like this when preparing clients to sell their properties. Whether you’re selling your home in Perth Amboy, New Brunswick, Bridgewater, Rahway or any town in between, we can help you strategize to get top dollar! For a free price opinion on  your property, contact us!

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