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COVID-19 Rutgers Off Campus Housing Options

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

There is no doubt we are living through a very bizarre time. If you would have asked us a year ago where we thought our property management and real estate company would be by now, we would have never guessed that we’d be fighting through a pandemic like COVID-19 in the real estate world. Just as many other businesses, we have been working diligently to adjust to the new norms. Day-to-day activities like hiring contractors and ordering appliances have become significantly more difficult during this time, but Tverdov Housing is still hustling to deliver all that we promise, and more. If you are a Rutgers student, or the parent of a Rutgers student, and you need Rutgers off-campus housing options for the fall semester, our realtors in New Jersey are here to help.

Rutgers Response to COVID-19

Rutgers University has recently made it clear that due to COVID-19, the school will be teaching through remote means this upcoming fall semester. With minimal in-person lecturing the dynamic of the school is going to do a full 180.

New Jersey Realtors Response to COVID-19

Tverdov Housing has been using this time to reorient. We are focusing on our goals, strengthening our marketing strategies, and following through with some well-deserved home renovations that set our properties apart from others. We have spent the summer making front doors more appealing and renovating kitchens and bathrooms as needed.

As a result of the Rutgers COVID-19 announcement, Rutgers off-campus housing is now in higher demand than it typically is over the summer. With dorms shut down, students are scrambling to find off campus living for the fall semester. The majority of our properties are leased already, and a good amount have students currently living there, which means that students are still planning on taking advantage of their Rutgers off-campus living arrangements. Not only will this provide a little bit of normalcy during the upcoming semester, but it will also give students that sense of independence that they may not get from being home for another six months. Eek!

At Tverdov Housing, we want to help make this upcoming semester easier on the students and ultimately more enjoyable. That being said, Rutgers off-campus housing is not only offered to upperclassmen. Incoming freshman whose first year of college is going to be completely unorthodox are also permitted to take advantage of these opportunities. Doing so may help them feel more welcomed to the campus and give them the chance to actually experience the benefits of living at school. We strongly encourage all students and parents to take a look at our apartments near Rutgers University and reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help!

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