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Hamilton St Housing

Updated: Jan 16

We love writing articles to help Rutgers students find off campus housing. In this blog series, we are going to cover and detail every single student housing street in New Brunswick that is predominately filled by Rutgers students living off campus.

This week’s topic is Hamilton St.


Since Hamilton St is a commercial business district there are a few places to eat on the street. We'll list 2 of our favorite places here

  • Kam Fung: Simply put, this is the best Chinese food in the student housing area (and yes we know about the other places. They stink.). You won't be disappointed if you order from these guys

  • Ale N Wich: Consider yourself to be a hipster? Then this is the bar for you. It's a dive but it's got a cool vibe to it.


Hamilton St offers its share of fun, but it's a bit quieter and not as chaotic as other streets. The lone bar on the street attracts more of a 20-30 something crowd vs your typical college bar.


Parking is fairly difficult in every area of New Brunswick. Parking is always tough on Hamilton St because it's free 2 hour parking! However, you're usually able to park on a side street just a short walk away from your house, so try not to worry about this one too much.

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