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How to Get Rid of a Bad Tenant and Avoid Eviction

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Sometimes, tenants can be a nightmare. If you’re facing a situation where you want to get rid of a bad tenant without having to go through the entire eviction process, there are some alternative steps you can take in order to do so.

Legal Ways to Get Rid of Bad Tenants Without Eviction

The best answer to avoiding bad tenants is hiring a property management company that can take care of tenant screenings before signing a lease. However, there are ways you can get rid of a bad tenant that can make the process go smoother than serving them with an eviction notice.

Asking the Tenant to Leave

Directly asking a tenant to move out of your property is the simplest approach to get rid of a bad tenant. You can kill them with kindness and offer compassion and resources, such as moving trucks, connections to other landlords, etc. By providing them help in finding and relocating to a new home you may be able to get rid of bad tenants quickly.

Paying a Tenant to Leave

Offering an incentive such as “cash for keys” is a way to get rid of a bad tenant and avoid the process of eviction. You’re essentially paying a tenant to leave your property (which will save you money in the long run). You can explain the situation, stating that the tenant cannot stay at the property any longer, and let them know that this is an alternative solution to eviction. By offering them a way out, the tenant can weigh their options and choose to avoid eviction and the consequences that come with it. As an incentive, the “cash for keys” could even be a deposit at a new place.

Raise the Rent

If current tenants aren’t actively violating a leasing agreement but you simply do not want them occupying your space anymore, consider significantly raising the rent when the discussion of a lease renewal comes up. Always double check with state and local laws before doing so. Chances are the tenants would prefer to relocate rather than paying higher rent. If they choose to accept the increase, at least you’ll get a greater return on your investment.

What Not to Do to Get Rid of Bad Tenants

As a landlord, you should always remain cool, calm, collected, professional, and above all else, comply with the law. You must avoid the following when trying to get rid of bad tenants:

  • Change the locks

  • Remove the belongings inside

  • Turn off utilities

  • Threaten the tenant

  • Order the tenant to leave

  • Harass a tenant

  • Blackmail a tenant

  • Physically remove a tenant

The above actions are unquestionably illegal and can get you into trouble with the law.

Hiring a Rental Property Manager in New Jersey

When it comes to dealing with bad tenants, there’s nothing better than having the work done for you. Consider hiring property management in New Jersey with Tverdov Housing. We find, screen, and place tenants as well as offer eviction services in residential properties in all of Central Jersey. We’re here to take the hassle off of your hands. If you have an investment property or a house for rent in New Brunswick, Somerset, Union, or Middlesex County, contact our team at Tverdov Housing today, (732) 344-0701.

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