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How to register your car in New Brunswick

Are you a Rutgers Student that does not want the headache of getting a ton of parking tickets? Just follow these simple steps on how to register your car! You can register through the New Brunswick authority parking website. Here is the link:

First, prior to signing a lease, check with your landlord to see how many parking permits come with the house. As a general rule of thumb, you can get 2-3 permits per house or apartment.

After confirming the amount, check with who you are staying with to see who will be utilizing their car for off- campus parking. Once the lease has been signed and goes into effect, you can go to the New Brunswick parking authority website: and you can add a residential parking permit pass. Once you have a lease signed, make sure it is signed by a landlord. Also, wait for approval before parking off campus, or you will likely get a ticket for it!

Residential parking permits do not require any sort of payments, just a legal signed lease document. That's right, it's FREE! You do not need a parking decal or sticker, they will recognize your vehicle from your license plate. Be alert of where you can and cannot park. New Brunswick does a great job finding people who do not park where they are supposed to.

If you are staying with a friend, you can do a temporary parking pass if you would like.

For more information on any questions you may have, check out the FAQ provided on the website:

Article written by Aesha Mehta

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