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How to sell a home fast in New Jersey

Updated: Mar 2

New Jersey is a fantastic place to live in since it features beautiful beaches, great country side, an excellent economy, and most importantly, a booming housing market thanks to everyone fleeing NYC. Some people want to take advantage of this opportunity and cash out before the home prices soften. For you, we decided to write this short article that includes all the essential tips to sell a home fast in New Jersey.

About the housing market in New Jersey

The housing market in New Jersey has been on a consistent uptrend for the past few years. In 2018 the home prices rose by 5 %, and the same scenario happened last year. This year, the market has been absolutely nuts as there is a massive amount of people looking to buy anything they can near a train/bus line to get out of living in Manhattan.

Ways to sell a home fast in New Jersey

Since we now know the current situation with the housing market, let’s look at ways to sell a home fast.

Prepare your home for selling

This includes cleaning your home and renovating outdated areas of the property (we do renovations for our clients!). By doing this, you will ensure you’re selling the house for the highest possible price, which brings us to the next point.

Price your home right

Pricing your home right is an essential part of selling it fast. According to these Seattle property managers the best way to price your home right is to do in-depth research on the home prices in your specific area. Once you have an idea about the prices, you know the approximate amount of money you can want for your property. You need to compare apples to apples. If your home is not fully updated, do not expect it to get the highest price in the neighborhood. Be realistic!

Make your listing as attractive as possible

If you want to attract prospective buyers, your listing must be attractive. One of the simplest ways to make your listing more appealing is to hire a professional photographer who can capture all rooms in the best way possible. Videos or drone footage is even better.

Another fantastic way is to have a comprehensive and honest description of your property and of course, great curb appeal. Clean up the outside! Add some fresh mulch, trim the shrubs, edge the grass.

Add furniture

Put yourself into the shoes of a prospective buyer and think about what things you pay attention to. You will most likely try to imagine yourself living in the property. If there isn’t any furniture in it, it becomes harder to envision yourself living there.

That’s why it is crucial to add some furniture to your home to make it easier for prospective buyers.

Red flag

We also want to include a red flag since this is a trap many people fall for. One of the things you should avoid are “we will buy your home in cash“ companies. They buy your house for 50-60 cents on the dollar to just take a headache off your hands. If you want to do that, then just email us and we will buy it at a better price than them if that is something you rather do.


We understand that selling a home is a complex situation and that things mentioned in our article aren’t the only things you will have to do. Our intention with this article was to explain all the necessary tips for selling a home fast in New Jersey.

If there’s still anything you want to know or you are ready to list and need a realtor, feel free to contact us. Our team sells millions of dollars worth of real estate each year!

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