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Landscaping Tips for New Jersey Rental Properties

New Jersey rental properties are an attractive investment opportunity for many investors. Are you an owner of a rental property in New Jersey?

Let’s face it, curb appeal matters. Now, what do you think is one of the first things your potential tenants are going to notice? Landscaping.

Many people don’t understand the significance of proper landscaping and curb appeal for their rental property, although it could be the thing that can make your potential tenant decide whether they do or do not want to live in your property.

Since we understand the significance of this theme, we wrote an article that contains all the essential tips you need to know for having an appealing rental property in New Jersey.

Mow your lawn regularly

This is the most basic landscaping tip we can give you and we include it for a reason. Many people tend to overlook the importance of a clean mowed lawn. A professional landscaper will maintain your property better than a tenant. As a property management company here in NJ, we hate when tenants are in charge of lawn care. They don’t cut it often, the shrubs are overgrown, the edging is not done on the sidewalk, weeds are growing on the curb, it looks terrible people! The $60 a month you think you’re saving for having your tenant cut the grass is not doing you any favors in the long run when the grass is burnt or you get a summons from the town for overgrowth.

Remember that the lawn is one of the first things potential tenants will see, so it is great to mow your lawn regularly.

Garbage Cans

The exterior of your property is not going to look well kept if your tenants do not have any garbage cans or if the ones they have are too small or broken. Curb appeal matters. Invest in a strong, heavy duty garbage can from a big box retailer and give it to your tenants. Buy two if you must. For the student rental properties that we happen to manage, we even will take out the garbage for lazy tenants just so the property looks well kept at all times.

Plant trees/ shrubs

This landscaping tip takes a lot more work to get done but could definitely be worth the time and money invested. By planting a tree, you’re creating shade and more importantly, you’re managing the water runoff of your property. We encourage our clients to plant thirsty shrubs or small trees especially if there is a finished basement.

Take advantage of using rocks

Greenery looks tremendous with rocks. Whether it’s a path made of rocks or just a few huge rocks lying near your newly planted shrubs, rocks are an amazing way to make your landscaping look even more fabulous. They also do not attract termites like mulch would do.


Landscaping is not secondary when it comes to property management. Actually, it is an essential part of maintaining your property in the best state possible. We personally have the lawns cut twice a month, trim the shrubs as needed and do fall cleanup. It is money you simply have to spend. The properties that are well maintained and look cared for on the outside rent quicker every single time. We hope you have found our article interesting and useful and that you will use these tips for your New Jersey rental properties!

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