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Rutgers Off Campus Housing: Easton Ave

We love writing articles to help Rutgers students find off campus housing. In this blog series, we are going to cover and detail every single student housing street in New Brunswick that is predominately filled by Rutgers students living off campus.

This week’s topic is Easton Ave. Easton Ave is just seconds away from Rutgers University and is a favorite destination of students at Rutgers University.


Easton Ave is always full of energy and life, whether it be 9 am when everyone is waking up for classes or 2 am when everyone is stumbling back from the bars or the nearest pizza place. Yes, there are some local residents in the area, but the majority of Easton Ave is packed with Rutgers students who live off campus. They are going to and from classes, food places, gyms, and stores. I think it is safe to say that the liveliness of Easton Ave is unmatched and no matter where you live off campus at Rutgers, you will certainly have a variety of memorable experiences take place on this street.


Easton Ave is the core of Rutgers University food stops. The list is hefty but here are a few of our top picks:

  • Stuff Yer Face: They have been featured several times on the food network and are known for their large sandwiches and fish bowls (no these don’t actually carry fish)

  • Tacoria: Simply put, this is the fancy Chipotle and has the absolute cutest dining area in the back where you can take the cutest insta pics (you’re welcome in advanced ladies)

  • Wings Over Rutgers: Some delicious wings if you are ever craving a wing night but can’t get to the dining hall takeout line!

  • PJ’s Grill and Pizza: & Daniel’s Pizzeria: These are the two best pizza places at Rutgers, but everyone knows that Daniel’s pizzas are #1 and PJ’s mozzarella sticks are #1.

  • Diesel and Duke: Burgers and Fries and Milkshakes, Oh My

  • Hansel’ n Griddle: Saving the absolute best for last, you can find Tverdov Housing staff eating here often. Banana Flips and Buffalo Chicken Crisps are the go-to!

If you can’t already tell Easton Ave is full of so many different food options for any craving. That isn’t even the half of it, so the bottom line is that you should definitely expect to gain weight if you are living on Easton Ave (just kidding… maybe).


Easton Ave is the definition of a good time. You cannot spend your night on Easton and go home disappointed. Olde Queens Tavern and Scarlet Pub are the two most well-known bars at Rutgers University, located directly on Easton. They both have different perks, so definitely check them both out at some point!


Parking is fairly difficult in every area of New Brunswick and Easton Ave is such a lively street that it is even more difficult to find parking here. However, since Easton is such an essential street connecting to just about every other important street, it is always convenient to just pull onto the closest side street and find a spot in minutes.

In conclusion, if you haven’t spent at least one night on Easton Avenue with your friends during your Rutgers off campus housing experience then you are truly missing out on the full Rutgers University college experience. Easton is full of life and it is certainly the most essential street at Rutgers. It is so great that our office is even being built there (you can see the progress on our Youtube Channel), so be on the lookout!

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