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Rutgers Off Campus Housing: Huntington St

We love writing articles to help Rutgers students find off campus housing. In this blog series, we are going to cover and detail every single student housing street in New Brunswick that is predominately filled by Rutgers students living off campus.

This week’s topic is Huntington St. Huntington St is just seconds away from Rutgers University and is a favorite destination of students at Rutgers University looking for off campus housing.


Huntington Street is considered one of the premier off campus housing streets for Rutgers students in New Brunswick. Although there are no stores or entertainment, Huntington is the perfect location for any student. Almost all well-maintained and spacious homes are filled with students. Huntington St is a convenient location for College Avenue students as it’s a short walk away from Alexander Library, College Avenue Student Center, and the College Avenue Gym. It's also one of the most scenic streets in off campus living, as a third of the street overlooks beautiful Buccleuch park.


Although there are no convenient stores or restaurants on Huntington, some of the tastiest foods are right around the corner. Down Sicard street, you’ll find Zookini’s Pizza and Olive Branch. At both restaurants, you can grab a well-priced meal especially at Olive Branch during the week when they have 50 cent pizza slices. You can also find Campus Deli at the corner of Senior street and Wyckoff street, only two streets over from Huntington.


Up and down the block is reserved for residential parking. As an off-campus student living on Huntington street, you’d have the standard Resident Ward 6 permit when you sign a lease for the year. Buccleuch Park also offer parking spots open for weekend visitors throughout the day and overnight stays. Parking is relatively easy on this street, especially towards the park where there are less houses.


Huntington St offers a more relaxed environment compared to some other New Brunswick streets. If you’re looking to get some physical activity in your day, Buccleuch Park offers soccer fields, baseball fields, basketball courts and tennis courts that are open to the public. It also has a scenic 2-mile path that loops around the park.

In conclusion, Huntington St is a great street to call home. It's a quiet and scenic street that is a personal favorite of the Tverdov Housing team.

-Article written by Adham Shiera


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