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Rutgers Off Campus Housing – Parent FAQ

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Parent FAQ for Rutgers off Campus Housing – Commonly Asked Questions

Here at Tverdov Housing, our goal is to successfully accommodate college students in finding options for Rutgers off campus housing and other places for rent and apartments new Rutgers University. Over the years, we have spoken with many parents and wanted to publish an FAQ of the most frequently asked questions we get from parents and students. Here are answers to some of your favorites.

1. Is Rutgers off campus housing safe?

The majority of Rutgers off campus living options are located off of the College Avenue and Cook/Douglass campuses. Among the tenants in these areas are students, families, business owners, and Rutgers greek-life. Along with the comforting atmosphere of neighbors mainly consisting of peers, there are two hospitals located on each side of the College Avenue campus. Furthermore, the New Brunswick Police Department and the Rutgers Police Department have cars patrolling the area at all hours of the day/night adding to the safety feature of Rutgers off campus housing.

2. What are the benefits of living off-campus?

Some benefits of living off campus include:

  • More independence – No more RAs.

  • Various  food options – No more soggy pizza from Brower.

  • Free street parking – In most cases, street passes are included with a lease.

  • More privacy – No more sharing a bathroom with 15 strangers and options for single bedrooms.

  • Annual leases – No locked dorms during holidays/breaks.

3. When is rent due, and how is it collected? What are the rent penalties and fees?

Rent is due on the first of every month and is collected through an electronic service called Appfolio. This makes it easy for students to pay their rent on time without the hassle of handling cash or checks. Like any Lease, there are penalties and fees that are charged if students fail to pay their rent in a timely fashion each month, you have to be mature if you’re living off campus.

4. How much is the security deposit for off-campus housing? Do I get it back?

Security deposits are typically 1.5x rent. For example, if the monthly rent is $2,000 then the security deposit would be $3,000. This is usually split evenly among tenants and will be collected at the lease signing to secure the property. The security deposits are then refunded within 30 days of lease termination once tenants have moved out of the property. We email move out instructions and also tape it to the door. All tenants have to do is follow the instructions to get their deposit back. If you leave your house in the condition like the below (yes this happens), that is when security deposit deductions happen.

5. Is subletting permitted?

Subletting is permitted with Rutgers off-campus housing managed by Tverdov Housing. However, you will need to fill out a form and have all roommates sign off on the sublessor. You are still responsible for the sublessor, so be careful! Any damage done to the property (or non-payment of rent) during the lease period is the responsibility of the signees, which means that a subLessor could end up costing a tenant money and cause serious problems.

6. How are utilities handled?

In most cases, utilities are the responsibility of the tenant. Electric, gas, internet, and water are all to be set up, managed, and paid by tenants during their lease period. Don’t worry, we can help you with this. All utilities can be set up with just a few phone calls.

Well, that’s it Mom and Dad. If you have any more questions, feel free to email us or come along during a lease signing. Whether or not your young adult decides to live under our management care is up to them (c’mon…do it!) but hopefully this FAQ helps you feel more comfortable and gives you a better understanding of the Rutgers off campus housing area.

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