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The Life of a New Jersey Property Manager and Realtor – Ep 11

Tverdov Housing is a New Jersey real estate company founded in 2014 that offers property management and realtor services in Middlesex, Somerset, and Union County. We also act as a project management consultant for rehabbing properties. If you’ve like to learn more about us and what we deal with on a day to day basis, you can follow this weekly series!

Recap of Last Week:

–Last week we were able to pass all final inspections at 65 Guilden St. The picture of the finished product is at the top of this page, below is what it originally looked like. I think it came out beautiful. As a contractor working on homes in New Brunswick, I try to specialize in keeping some of the old character while updating it. With this project, we were able to refurbish the original hardwood floors and I think they look amazing with all the modern upgrades in the apartment.

-We put a second investment property in escrow last week, as 62 Mitchell Ave in New Brunswick finally went under contract. The buyer is a builder who I hope to learn from, so I would be killing two birds with one stone here.

-In preparation for our office renovation/conversion at 214 Easton Ave in New Brunswick, we ordered a lot of material to be delivered at the beginning of this week. One of the toughest things a contractor has to do is make sure everything is timed perfectly between workers showing up and material being delivered. COVID has made that extremely challenging as every supply chain imaginable is screwed up right now. Couple that with a huge demand for lumber and it’s been difficult to say the least.

Items to Do This Week:

-This week we have to post notices to vacate at one of the buildings we took over property management for in New Brunswick. The owner wants us to gut rehab the entire building, which is exciting but the tough part is telling people that they need to move out. The owner is within his legal right to do so as the tenants are all on month to month Leases. Frankly, it’s for the better as the building is absolutely in disrepair but things like this are always challenging as a property manager and it’s best to have professionals like us handle it.

-The beginning of September is always pretty busy for our company, especially on the property management side. This week we will need to email our tenants living in multi-family housing a COVID protocol. Basically, we want to know if anyone in the building gets sick so we can let everyone else know and do our best to keep entry doors and stairwells clean. We also will be emailing all of our tenants how they will let us proceed with showing properties for rent in the fall. As a property manager, we have really tried to stay ahead of things but this has not been easy to say the least.

-We have another state inspection for a 3 family house in New Brunswick. I did a Youtube video to help out real estate investors with what NJ looks for when conducting a green card inspection. I will probably write a blog article about it soon enough. We have done so many of these as a property manager, we feel like experts when it comes to this sort of thing, so why not share our knowledge with everyone we can!

If you want to follow what we do day to day, check us out on Instagram: @tverdovhousing

Until next week!

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