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The Life of a New Jersey Property Manager and Realtor – Ep 12

Tverdov Housing is a New Jersey real estate company founded in 2014 that offers property management and realtor services in Middlesex, Somerset, and Union County. We also act as a project management consultant for rehabbing properties. If you’ve like to learn more about us and what we deal with on a day to day basis, you can follow this weekly series!

Recap of Last Week:

–Last week we made more progress on the Somerset flip. This is the house where we are acting as the general contractor. I posted a Youtube video update below where you can check out some of the work that is being done. We have since ordered a gorgeous quartz countertop to go along with kitchen cabinets. Work is going to start to move fast now and we are getting close to the finish line with a target end date of the end of September.

-We worked quickly last week to turnover a new property in East Brunswick that we are now the property manager of. The previous tenant was a nightmare for the owner, so they’re turning over the house to us. We had to repaint several rooms, repair broken kitchen cabinets, clean out debris, remove a sticky floor installed in the basement and several other minor things. This is yet another example of why real estate investors should hire property managers to mange their property. If you let your heart lead your business decisions you get burned!

Items to Do This Week:

-We had a home inspection earlier this week on an investment property in North Plainfield. Unfortunately, this one will fall out of escrow. Way too many issues showed up on the home inspection report, including foundation, roof, chimney and electrical problems. It’s frustrating to walk away from a deal but not every real estate investment is a good deal! Some properties can be money pits so it’s important to do your due dilligence.

-We are continuing work on the outside of 214 Easton Ave this week. It was a rough week last week because we wanted to replace porch boards and columns, but the more that we opened up the more we realized that the entire porch was rotted (including the concrete columns). Long story short, we are framing a new porch from head to toe and I hope it is completed this week.

-I feel like I have been talking about 90 Howard St for 6 months…oops, it has been 6 months. We have the re-inspection from the city this week to get an updated certificate of occupancy. As a rental property owner, New Brunswick does these inspections every three years and you have to fix whatever they request. This time around we had to remove a lot of garbage around the property, paint a peeling foundation wall, repair a porch and a few other minor things. Thursday is the day so fingers crossed we pass so we can get on with closing on this house!

If you want to follow what we do day to day, check us out on Instagram: @tverdovhousing

Until next week!

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