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The Life of a New Jersey Property Manager & Realtor – Week 5

Tverdov Housing is a New Jersey real estate company founded in 2014 that offers property management and realtor services in Middlesex, Somerset, and Union County. We also act as a project management consultant for rehabbing properties. If you’ve like to learn more about us, and what we deal with on a day to day basis, you can follow this weekly series!

Recap of Last Week:

–We started working on a flip project for one of our clients in Somerset, NJ. We’re acting as the project manager for this ranch house and putting on a new GAF roof, new United windows, new Royal Building Products siding, new floors, new paint, new kitchen, and some high hats in several rooms.[1][2][3] The demo started on the interior last week, and the departing tenant left the house stinky and trashed.

-A house we recently started property management for in New Brunswick had a town inspection last week. It was discovered at the inspection that the house is not zoned properly and the owner claims they didn’t know about it. Notwithstanding if they’re being truthful or not, we have enough knowledge about the zoning process that we are going to fix it and make everything right. This is where we demonstrate a ton of value as a property manager in NJ, you need to know how to fix problems like this from town to town!

-We picked up a beautiful property to lease last week in New Brunswick NJ and discussed property management with two different potential clients for properties in Edison and Somerville NJ. Getting those doors under property management would get our total number of doors close to our record amount. We’ll keep you updated if that progresses!

Items to Do This Week:

-Remember the client who wanted to list his property $85,000 over my suggested price? Well, we have a good offer on the table (in the range I predicted the house would sell for) and now it’s my job as a realtor to get him the best price possible, but also to get it under contract!

-90 Howard St in New Brunswick, our listing that is under contract and heading towards the home stretch has a list of repairs to be finished this week. We are preparing for a town fire safety inspection where they make sure the house has updated smoke detectors, carbon detectors and fire extinguishers. We’re also finishing the repairs of items listed in the home inspection. I hope to have that all completed by Sunday.

-Relax! I’m on vacation this week in Ocean City, NJ. The town that gave me the inspiration for my business. The homes are beautiful, there is lots of new construction and what the hell am I doing blogging? I’m going to the beach!

If you want to follow what we do day to day, check us out on Instagram: @tverdovhousing

Until next week!


[1] GAF Roofing

[2] United Windows

[3] Royal Building Products

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