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The Life of a New Jersey Property Manager & Realtor – Week 6

Tverdov Housing is a New Jersey real estate company founded in 2014 that offers property management and realtor services in Middlesex, Somerset, and Union County. We also act as a project management consultant for rehabbing properties. If you’ve like to learn more about us, and what we deal with on a day to day basis, you can follow this weekly series!

Recap of Last Week:

–Last week I dealt with the same frustrating client I have been complaining about when it comes to selling his house here in New Jersey. I finally got a good offer on the table (in a price range I predicted the house would sell in 3 months ago when we first met) and he told me that he wanted to now reduce the commission by 50% (I wish I was joking). Long story short, I told him that’s enough of wasting my time and other realtors time. The listing will expire on Saturday.

-65 Guilden St in New Brunswick had kitchen cabinets installed, the floors refinished and the entire apartment painted. It really is starting to come together and these last 2 weeks are the home stretch!

-I was in Ocean City, NJ for vacation last week and I always enjoy being down there because I get so much inspiration. Inspiration for being a realtor in New Jersey, for home designs, for construction, for property management. It’s a booming real estate town with sky-high home values and construction on every block. Always enjoyable to be around that.

Items to Do This Week:

-90 Howard St in New Brunswick has been a tough property to deal with on the property management side and the realtor side. On the property management side, both tenants have struggled to pay rent on time and the property became roach-infested due to one of the tenants being filthy. On the realtor side, we are trying to get inspections done but have had tenants lock doors or remove work that was done to pass. We’ll get there but we’re more than earning this commission to say the least.

-The flip we’re project managing in Somerset, NJ is all about lead time. This week are ordering the kitchen cabinets, flooring and interior/exterior doors. That way when it’s time for that stage we’ll have it all prepped and ready to go. The siding got done last week and I am also working on quotes for landscaping and a new driveway. It’s slowly coming together.

-Lastly, we got 6 new doors under property management this week! A 3 family rental property in Highland Park and a 3 family investment property in New Brunswick. I’m very excited as this has put us at 110 doors under property management, a mark that surpasses where we were pre-COVID. We are quickly growing into one of the largest property management companies in New Jersey! The tricky part is all the onboarding that takes place in the beginning. We need lease copies, key copies, tenant info, insurance proof. We need to introduce ourselves to the tenants, hang our signs up, take pictures, etc. A lot of work but we’re in the thick of it and in a few weeks hopefully, the properties will be running smooth and we’ll have yet another happy client.

If you want to follow what we do day to day, check us out on Instagram: @tverdovhousing

Until next week!

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