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Tips for Finding Off Campus Housing – Rutgers University Student Guide

Updated: Feb 29

Finding a Place to Live Off Campus

Where is the Rutgers off campus student neighborhood? Is it a safe area?

Below is the student area for both College Ave students and Cook Douglass students. In general, Rutgers off campus housing locations are safe areas. However, crime is inevitable, so pay close attention to your surroundings.

College Ave Off Campus Housing

Cook-Douglass Off Campus Housing

How do I find off campus housing near Rutgers University?

There are many ways to find off campus houses available for rent. Some properties have signs on them, while others are advertised on websites like Places4Students or Afito. More houses can be found on Social Media like Facebook Groups or on Instagram pages.

At Tverdov Housing, our real estate and property management company features them on our website, on our Tverdov Housing Instagram, and on both Places4Students and Afito. Lastly, our property management signs are posted on every home we manage, so you can’t miss us!

What time is everyone available to view houses?

If you want to impress the landlord or the management company in Central Jersey, have your entire group at the showings. Introduce yourself when you first contact them and most importantly, show up on time. It demonstrates that you’re serious about your college living situation. Figure out what times work for the majority of your group to view the houses and schedule your showings during those times.

How do I know I am dealing with a good landlord?

The best way to tell if you’re dealing with a good landlord is to evaluate the condition of the house. According to this Los Angeles property management company, if the house is falling apart, chances are the landlord is irresponsible for their property. Are the current tenants dirty or damaging an otherwise nice place? Is the house in disrepair? If you’re unsure, ask the current tenants about the landlord, if possible.

Our property maintenance team takes pride in keeping our New Jersey properties in good shape. We often encourage our tour groups to speak to the current tenants while we wait outside.

How much do I budget for utilities?

The answer can vary based on the type of heating system (oil heat is the most expensive). However, we generally tell tour groups to expect $50 per person, per month for your electric, heat, gas, and WiFi. Tenants generally pay their own water bill – and these are typically inexpensive, unless you’re using a lot of water, that is.

Signing a Lease for Off Campus Housing

What do I do before signing my lease?

Before signing your lease for off campus housing at Rutgers University, we suggest you ask for a copy to review and keep. At Tverdov Housing, we sit down with every group and spend 20-30 minutes going through the full terms and conditions of your lease before signing it so there is an understanding of what we expect out of our tenants. It is your responsibility to go over the lease with the landlord. Saying “I didn’t know that,” doesn’t cut it after you have signed a legal document.

When should I submit my deposit?

This is what separates the contenders from the pretenders. Have your portion of the security deposit ready when you’re looking for a house. It’s always first come, first served. The groups that make their decision to sign the lease and have their deposit money ready always get the property, as opposed to the group stumbling around trying to get everything together or meet over several days.

Do you have any advice on what to do when we find a house off campus?

The biggest piece of advice we can provide about finding an off-campus house that you like: do not drag your feet. Confirm with your group that you want the property, and then contact the landlord immediately. Schedule a day and time to sign and submit a security deposit as soon as possible. If you wait, another group will come along and take it. You don’t want to lose your off-campus housing dream by 15 minutes! Remember: it’s first come, first served.

Once you have signed your lease, you can rest easy knowing that you have a place to live for next year. If have read this and decided you’re ready to start looking for your Rutgers University off campus housing, then start with us. At Tverdov Housing, we’re a kick ass property management company located in New Brunswick, serving Union, Middlesex, and Somerset counties. Feel free to contact our professional property management team and we will help your group of college friends find your dream home!

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Hartmut Grbinski
Hartmut Grbinski
Apr 14, 2021

This is a fantastic FAQ, and I'm loving what Tverdov is doing for the undergrad off campus housing experience at RU. Great job.

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