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Rutgers Off Campus Housing: Mine St

We love writing articles to help Rutgers students find off campus housing. In this blog series, we are going to cover and detail every single student housing street in New Brunswick that is predominately filled by Rutgers students living off campus.

This week’s topic is Mine Street. Mine Street is located between Easton Ave and College Ave and is mere seconds away from Rutgers University. If you live on Mine St, you can’t possibly live any closer to campus. On Mine St in New Brunswick, you can find a variety of different things.

  • Atmosphere

For starters, Mine St is the hub of Greek Life at Rutgers. Several old Fraternity and Sorority homes are located along this street. Also, the adjacent street- Union Street is also full of lettered houses, which makes it a hot spot for those Greek Life lovers out there. When walking down Mine St you might casually run into a group of Frat boys jamming out on their porch with a nice big speaker in between classes or even some sorority girls hosting an important fundraising event outside of their houses. To say this is a party street is an understatement.

  • Food

Mine St is also in great location with respect to some awesome food places, as it’s right around the corner from Easton Ave hotspots. First and foremost, a Rutgers University favorite: Playa Bowls. If you’re in the mood for some acai, pitaya, or even fruity smoothies, this place is for you. Another awesome food option right on the corner of Mine and Easton is King of Gyro. I like to call it the home of the most delicious lamb platter at Rutgers (sorry Halal Guys). Last but not least we have Fritz. Basically, Fritz is the place at Rutgers that you go to get quinoa, salad, and healthier option foods/snacks. I highly recommend their homemade desserts as well. If you live on Mine Street I’m sure you can be found at any one of these places at least twice a week.

  • Fun

I’m sure if you have heard of Rutgers University you have heard of Olde Queens Tavern. This is the most popular bar on College Ave, located right on the corner of Mine St and Easton Ave. If you are 21 and ready to enjoy all that off campus Rutgers has to offer, I would say to definitely take a walk over to Queens. The line is typically wrapped all the way down the street, but if you live on Mine you will get a head start every night and be the first to the door!

  • Parking

Keep in mind that New Brunswick is a city and parking in a city is tough. However, with Mine St being a block from campus, parking is incredibly tough to find on the street if you live here. The good news is that several homes do have driveways and frankly you’re so close to campus a car really isn’t necessary.

Overall, Mine St is a vibrant street to live on if you want to be deep in the Rutgers atmosphere. You are not only down the street from a lot of the Greek Life events, but also in close vicinity to some quality food places. Mine St street is directly connected to College Ave so the average walk to the nearest bus stop is seconds away. If you’re ready to look for off campus housing options, check out what we have for rent and contact us today!

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