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Rutgers Off-Campus Housing Properties & Ultimate Guide

We offer superior properties for rent on the best streets in the Rutgers area and apartments near rutgers university. Check out more details below!

There is no doubt we have been living through a very bizarre time during and after COVID. Just as many other businesses, we have been working diligently to adjust to the new norms. Day-to-day activities like hiring contractors and ordering appliances have become significantly more difficult during this time, but Tverdov Housing is still hustling to deliver all that we promise, and more. If you are a Rutgers student, or the parent of a Rutgers student, and you need Rutgers off-campus housing options for the fall semester, our realtors in New Jersey are here to help.


Best Streets Near Rutgers With Off-Campus Rentals:

Student Housing on Huntington St

Huntington St is just seconds away from Rutgers University and is a favorite destination of students at Rutgers University looking for off campus housing. The street is considered one of the premier off campus housing streets for Rutgers students in New Brunswick. Although there are no stores or entertainment, Huntington is the perfect location for any student. Almost all well-maintained and spacious homes are filled with students. Huntington St is a convenient location for College Avenue students as it’s a short walk away from Alexander Library, College Avenue Student Center, and the College Avenue Gym. It's also one of the most scenic streets in off campus living, as a third of the street overlooks beautiful Buccleuch park.

In conclusion, Huntington St is a great street to call home. It's a quiet and scenic street that is a personal favorite of the Tverdov Housing team.


Student Housing on Hamilton St

Hamilton St is just seconds away from Rutgers University and is a favorite destination of students at Rutgers University.

Hamilton St is a unique and misunderstood street. It stretches from The Yard all the way down into Franklin Township. It crosses with Easton Ave and also is parallel to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. Hamilton St is a mix of big homes, small retail shops, take out restaurants, a few large apartment buildings and even a frat house. The majority of the street is packed with Rutgers students who live off campus. There are some houses that are total dumps and some that are brand new or renovated. On Hamilton St alone we manage 5 properties (as of this article) SPOILER ALERT: They are nice properties.

In conclusion, Hamilton St is a great street to call home. It's a picturesque street that's both quiet, yet entertaining and it continues to improve each year.


Student Housing on Mine St

Mine Street is located between Easton Ave and College Ave and is mere seconds away from Rutgers University. If you live on Mine St, you can’t possibly live any closer to campus. On Mine St in New Brunswick, you can find a variety of different things.

For starters, Mine St is the hub of Greek Life at Rutgers. Several old Fraternity and Sorority homes are located along this street. Also, the adjacent street- Union Street is also full of lettered houses, which makes it a hot spot for those Greek Life lovers out there. When walking down Mine St you might casually run into a group of Frat boys jamming out on their porch with a nice big speaker in between classes or even some sorority girls hosting an important fundraising event outside of their houses. To say this is a party street is an understatement.

Overall, Mine St is a vibrant street to live on if you want to be deep in the Rutgers atmosphere. You are not only down the street from a lot of the Greek Life events, but also in close vicinity to some quality food places. Mine St street is directly connected to College Ave so the average walk to the nearest bus stop is seconds away. If you’re ready to look for off campus housing options, check out what we have for rent and contact us today!


Student Housing on Easton Ave

Easton Ave is just seconds away from Rutgers University and is a favorite destination of students at Rutgers University.

Easton Ave is always full of energy and life, whether it be 9 am when everyone is waking up for classes or 2 am when everyone is stumbling back from the bars or the nearest pizza place. Yes, there are some local residents in the area, but the majority of Easton Ave is packed with Rutgers students who live off campus. They are going to and from classes, food places, gyms, and stores. I think it is safe to say that the liveliness of Easton Ave is unmatched and no matter where you live off campus at Rutgers, you will certainly have a variety of memorable experiences take place on this street.

In conclusion, if you haven’t spent at least one night on Easton Avenue with your friends during your Rutgers off campus housing experience then you are truly missing out on the full Rutgers University college experience. Easton is full of life and it is certainly the most essential street at Rutgers. It is so great that our office is even being built there (you can see the progress on our Youtube Channel), so be on the lookout!


Student Housing on Guilden St

Guilden St is one of the most popular streets for Rutgers students to live on. It’s located one street back from Easton Ave and offers a very convenient lifestyle for the average Rutgers student.


Guilden St is bookended by Hamilton St and St Peters hospital. It is one street behind Easton Ave so it’s home to a lot of activity, foot traffic and even parties sometimes (better not be at our houses!). Guilden St is a very vibrant street with a lot of students who like to be active. Parking is tougher to come by as it’s all street parking but don’t let that discourage you. Plenty of people call Guilden St home each year. 


If you want food options, Easton Ave is right around the corner. If you want access to the Rutgers University buses, College Ave is a 4-5 minute walk. It really is a great location to live and the prices are a bit cheaper because it’s not the first street off campus.


In conclusion, Guilden St is one of our favorite streets and it’s the street that we manage the most rental property on!


Student Housing on Louis St

Louis St might be the street that has the best value in the entire off campus living neighborhood. Why you ask? Most of the houses are filled with singles, almost every house has driveway parking and the rent is cheaper.


Louis St is a little further back from College Ave and is about an 8 minute walk to the College Ave campus. At the corner of Louis St and Hamilton St is Ale n Wich, a local pub that is usually filled with hipsters. On the other end of Louis St is Joes Liquors, a liquor store that has been around for nearly 40 years. Surrounding Joes are Scarlet Deli, NAMLI and Friends Cafe, all of which are nice places to eat.


The type of tenant that usually takes Louis St is someone who values having a place to park and needing a single bedroom. The street is not a party area so again, it’s a different type of tenant who usually calls this street home. Most of the homes are multi family houses with each apartment having 3 or 4 single bedrooms in each unit.


Louis St offers a lot of value so feel free to check out what we have available on that street before the good deals are gone!


Rutgers Off Campus Housing: Richardson Street

Richardson Street is referred to as one of the premier off campus housing streets for Rutgers students in New Brunswick. Although there are no stores or entertainment, Richardson is the perfect location for any student. The majority of the homes are well-maintained and spacious. Richardson St is a convenient location for College Avenue students as it’s a short walk away from Alexander Library, College Avenue Student Center, and the College Avenue Gym.


Some of the tastiest foods are right around the corner. Down Sicard street, you’ll find Zookini’s Pizza and Olive Branch. At both restaurants, you can grab a well-priced meal especially at Olive Branch during the week when they have 50 cent pizza slices. You can also find Campus Deli at the corner of Senior Street and Wyckoff Street, only one street over from Richardson. If you walk down Easton Avenue, the popular Daniel’s Pizza is only a few blocks away along with dozens of other restaurants like Sahara and Tacoria.


Up and down the block is reserved for residential parking. As an off-campus student living on Richardson Street, you’d have the standard Resident Ward 6 permit when you sign a lease for the year. Buccleuch Park also offers parking spots open for weekend visitors throughout the day and overnight stays.


Richardson offers a more relaxed environment compared to some other New Brunswick streets. If you’re looking to get some physical activity in your day, Buccleuch Park offers soccer fields, baseball fields, and tennis courts that are open to the public. It also has a scenic 2-mile path that loops around the park. It’s truly a great street that has a relaxed vibe.


In a nutshell, Richardson St is one of the most popular streets for Rutgers students to live on off-campus. The good news for you is that we manage nearly a dozen houses on this street!

Tips For Choosing The Right Student Housing:

As a Rutgers student, renting a house off campus can seem daunting and stressful. It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief! Our property management company in New Jersey has rented to over 1,000 students over the years. Below are some off-campus housing tips for college students. They include; finding the right roommates, finding a place to live and signing a lease.

Finding College Roommates to Live with Off Campus
Who do I want to live with?

Start with considering the size of your group. Maybe you have a group of roommates with four people, five people, or even 12 people! This will give you an idea of what size house or apartment to look for off campus.

What is everyone’s living budget?

It’s important to consider your potential roommates’ living expenses. Just because someone in your group doesn’t mind living in a run-down sardine can off campus for $500 a month doesn’t mean you want to! If you don’t have the expenses to agree to a luxury off campus apartment for $1,200 a month, you don’t have to do that either. Find a common ground with your group and stick to it. Keep in mind the adage, you get what you pay for.

What’s the most important living aspect to everyone, not considering the price of housing?

You won’t find a place that has everything you want within your budget. Consider the following when making your decision and cross off anything that may be a deal breaker. For your Rutgers off campus housing arrangement, do you want:

  • Singles

  • Doubles

  • A driveway

  • Laundry on-site

  • A house

  • An apartment building

  • To be close to Easton Ave

  • To live in a quiet area

When do I start looking for a place?

Off campus houses for Rutgers University start being shown for the following school year as early as October. The nicer off campus housing rents during the fall semester, but there is still inventory available in the winter and spring as well – don’t worry if you get a late start!


Featured Off-Campus Properties:

65 Guilden St Apt 2, New Brunswick, NJ

This is an absolutely GORGEOUS 3 bedroom 1 bath second floor apartment in one of the best locations in New Brunswick!

The entire apartment was gut rehabbed in 2020. New electric, new plumbing, new insulation, new flooring, paint, appliances, fixtures. The apartment features beautiful hardwood floors, a beautiful kitchen with granite counters, soft close drawers and and an island that leads into a spacious and airy living room. There are three single bedrooms and a gorgeous bathroom with tiled shower.

The entire unit has Central Air and Forced Heat. There is free laundry in the basement, off-street parking and a shared front porch. The house is seconds from Easton Ave and College Ave. It simply cannot get any better than this!

65 guilden street 2.jpg
65 guilden street.jpg

108 Huntington St, New Brunswick, NJ

This a a gem of a house! Completely updated, this house features 8 bedrooms, 3 baths, a huge living room, large kitchen, bonus rec room in the basement, beautiful backyard and off-street parking! Legal for up to 11 people!

The house was renovated in 2019 and has a new heating system and electrical system. It's got a front row view of Buccleuch Park, which offers a great space to workout, run, play hoops or have a picnic.

The driveway can fit 3-4 cars and you get an additional 3 street passes. The house has steam radiator heat and window AC units that tenants can bring.

108 huntington street 2.jpg

146 Hamilton St, New Brunswick, NJ

Apt #1: Welcome to 146 Hamilton St. Home of the sickest front porch in New Brunswick. This apartment features a gigantic 5 bedroom 2.5 bath palace for up to 9 people. The porch is beautiful and features it's very own porch swing! Inside you'll find 5 gigantic bedrooms with high ceilings. An updated kitchen and half bath finish off the first floor.

In the basement there are two full baths and an in-unit washer dryer area. The entire apartment comes with Central Air and Forced Heat and there is also access to driveway parking in the rear for 2 cars.

The cherry on top is the location as it's seconds away from The Yard, Scott Hall and the New Brunswick train station.

Apt #2: This is another amazing renovated property under our management care. Renovated in 2018, this apartment features gorgeous hardwood floors throughout. The living room is bright and spacious and it leads into a nice study area. The kitchen is updated with new appliances and granite counter tops. There is a full bathroom and in-unit laundry. All three bedrooms are very large and can fit 2 beds in each. The apartment is comfy for 5 people. 

The unit features new Central Air and Forced Heat and is seconds away from The Yard, Scott Hall and the New Brunswick train station.

146 hamilton.jpg
146 hamilton 2.jpg

214 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ

You will enjoy this amazing second floor apartment right above our office on Easton Ave! The entire apartment was renovated in 2020! New electric, new plumbing, new bathrooms, new kitchen new floors, new roof. The kitchen is spacious with granite countertops and soft close drawers. You have three beautiful bathrooms, in-unit washer dryer and 5 spacious bedrooms. There is driveway parking for 2 cars and you get 3 street passes as well.

The cherry on top is getting to enjoy an amazing front porch with views of Easton Ave.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Hear it straight from our Rutgers area Clients

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New Jersey Tenant

This past year was my first experience with off campus housing at Rutgers NB. Pete and the Tverdov housing team made this transition for myself and 9 buddies seamless. Pete was there every step of the way and as the “house manager” I was in contact with him regularly. Great landlord and even better person, highly recommend for future Rutgers students and residents in the area!

google reviews.png
New Jersey Tenant

I had a really great experience living in Tverdov housing, so much that I was there for three years. We never had any issues and the landlord was always more than happy to accommodate and help wherever and whenever needed. I would highly recommend Tverdov housing!

photo (1).png
google reviews.png
New Jersey Property Owner

Tverdov Housing has exceeded my expectations - its always above and beyond from their team. They are the go to management company in my opinion and I've enjoyed working with them for sure.

If you want to ensure good rental experiences for your renters, Tverdov is the definitive choice. Renters have pointed out their good experiences with them to me personally.

riley breese bundled review.png
google reviews.png
New Jersey Tenant

I rented for a year with Tverdov Housing. They are head and shoulders above any other property managers in New Brunswick, from impeccably clean housing to quick maintenance. I would highly recommend Pete and his team to any Rutgers student looking for off-campus housing.

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Tverdov Housing's Response to COVID-19 for Rutgers Housing Needs

Tverdov Housing has been using this time to reorient. We are focusing on our goals, strengthening our marketing strategies, and following through with some well-deserved home renovations that set our properties apart from others. We have spent the summer making front doors more appealing and renovating kitchens and bathrooms as needed.

As a result of the Rutgers COVID-19 announcement, Rutgers off-campus housing is now in higher demand than it typically is over the summer. With dorms shut down, students are scrambling to find off campus living for the fall semester. The majority of our properties are leased already, and a good amount has students currently living there, which means that students are still planning on taking advantage of their Rutgers off-campus living arrangements. Not only will this provide a little bit of normalcy during the upcoming semester, but it will also give students that sense of independence that they may not get from being home for another six months. Eek!


At Tverdov Housing, we want to help make this upcoming semester easier on the students and ultimately more enjoyable. That being said, Rutgers off-campus housing is not only offered to upperclassmen. Incoming freshman whose first year of college is going to be completely unorthodox are also permitted to take advantage of these opportunities. Doing so may help them feel more welcomed to the campus and give them the chance to actually experience the benefits of living at school. We strongly encourage all students and parents to take a look at our apartments near Rutgers University and reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help!

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